Recycle for Play

Jun 13, 2023Events, Fundraising, Recycle

RECYCLE FOR PLAY: Play shouldn’t cost the Earth

Everyday tons of waste are thrown away by companies, destined for landfill that is escalating at such an alarming rate.

Yet everyday children’s/youth groups and clubs are all desperately in need of affordable materials for their activities.

Recycling for Play can help both these problems. Companies can help community and play organisations by recycling their waste materials and end of lines. Groups can access a range of materials not previously available to them.

Making Waste Things into Playthings

Recycle for Play Project brings new and interesting materials for children’s creative play. The materials are available to all member groups, families and individuals who have paid an annual fee. The fee is kept as low as possible to enable all access to this service.

Why Recycle for Play

  • A proven and simple service.
  • We can collect scrap on a regular basis or as a one-off special collection.
  • This is a free service.
  • Gedling Play Forum do not charge for this service and do not pay companies for scrap received.
  • We accept pre-arranged delivery of materials to our Resource Centre and Scrap Store.
  • We will deliver these recycled materials to rural and isolated groups if requested.

Companies – You Could Help

Can you answer yes to the questions below?

  1. Does your company generate non-toxic waste?
  2. Does your firm recycle all or part of that waste?
  3. Would your firm consider recycling if the waste was collected free of charge, on a regular, or when available basis?
  4. Could the waste your firm generates be used in a play situation or creative way? We can often find a way material could be used.

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions and would like further information, please email Anne Crosbie @ Gedling Play Forum  or telephone us on: 0115 9560673

Or use the form on our CONTACT US page