Decision Day

Apr 18, 2024Uncategorized

On Thursday 18th April 2024 the Cabinet at Gedling Borough Council met; on the agenda was the transfer of Wollaton Avenue Community Centre from council control to Gedling Play Forum.

This was a journey that started for the Play Forum 10 years ago, when the transfer of community assets from councils to community ownership first came into being.  For a number of years the Trustees at the Play Forum to and fro’d on the benefit of owning the building for the charity: deciding in the end that it wasn’t right at that time.

Post-Covid, and with a number of play forums in the county closing, Gedling Play Forum revisited the idea of asset transfer with a view to securing their long term future. In March 2022 the Board of Trustees submitted an application for Wollaton Avenue Community Centre.

The two years that followed have required a lot of effort and patience on the part of Gedling Play Forum and officers and members of Gedling Borough Council. There have been lots of meetings, emails, negotiations to get to today’s monumental decision. However, we are very pleased to say that we have finally made it.

We now have a 99 year lease for Wollaton Avenue Community Centre. There are still negotiations ahead of us, and a whole lot of effort to achieve our ambition of sustainability. However, the first leg of the journey is done!

Group of people at a table looking at a laptop computer.

Gedling Play Forum team waiting to hear the decision on the transfer of our building.