Gedling Play Forum

Gedling Play Forum, founded in 1987, is a registered charity number 1123602 and a company limited by guarantee number 06538537. We were founded to support children’s play within Gedling Borough.

We believe that children need and have the right to play in their communities: the right to play is enshrined in Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

We believe that play promotes wellbeing so that it is beneficial to all, regardless of age. As George Bernard Shaw said:

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.”

Gedling Play Forum

We support the wider community to encourage family play, making memories, supporting learning and community cohesion.

Through our Resource Centre we provide a range of services to support our local community. Services range from providing a scrap store to community play activities, from volunteering activities to workshops. In the summer of 2023, we will be adding equipment hire, room hire and photocopying to our services.

Who We Are

Gedling Play Forum is run by a Board of Trustees. As of March 2023 these are:

Rachael Ellis

Rachael was recently re-elected as Chair of Trustees at our AGM. She volunteers in the Resource Centre and events. Rachael is also our resident cake-baker. As well as Gedling Play Forum Rachael runs Notts Yarnachists, our sewing group and volunteers at the St Albans’ Community Kitchen at Emmanuel Church and is a Trustee of The Welfare in Bestwood Village.

Lesley Rhodes

Lesley was a founding member of Gedling Play Forum and is our happily retired Coordinator (as she will joyously tell anyone who asks). We wouldn’t let her escape when she retired though; she holds far too much knowledge in her head for that to have happened. At the last AGM she was re-elected as Treasurer. Lesley would much rather be playing than adulting.

Denise Devonport

Denise is a longstanding volunteer and Trustee. Lover of weird craft activities, Denise can usually be seen at play events sporting odd headwear.

Lord Vernon Coaker

Lord Coaker is a long time friend and supporter of Gedling Play Forum, in fact he was our first member and continues to hold membership card number 1! He became our newest Trustee at the start of the year. Vernon was previously MP for Gedling, now sits in the House of Lords and is a Freeman of the Borough of Gedling. We are beyond proud to have captured him for our Trustees.

Resource Centre Coordinator

On a day-to-day basis, Gedling Play Forum is managed by our Resource Centre Coordinator Anne Crosbie.

Anne is responsible for the grown-up duties, such as planning our events, getting the money in to keep us running, and looking after our awesome team of volunteers. Anne is a big fan of messy play (especially clay) and getting adults to play themselves: you could say that she is passionate about play. She is also a lover of coffee, craft and cats: not necessarily in that order.

We also have a management committee made up of Trustees, volunteers and members of the Play Forum.